Fatherhood Mentorship

The Fatherhood Mentorship Program provides fathers and all male caregivers in Broward County with individual/group educational mentorship, case management and family therapy. This allows fathers to tackle challenges and develop the skills needed to become a positive influence in the lives of their children.


How do I qualify for the program?


All fathers or father-figures are welcome to attend a group session. No sign-up or appointments are necessary. 


What does the program consist of?


The Fathers must attend the 12 weekly group sessions.

The Fathers must successfully completed the 24/7 Dad AM curriculum.


We offer educational groups with dinner.


We have assigned Mentors.


We offer Case Management resources which includes finances/employment, housing, and legal assistance.


We offer weekly co-parenting support groups.


We offer free counseling sessions for individuals, couples, families, and children.

After successfully completing all 12 group sessions of the 24/7 Dad AM curriculum, the Fathers will be honored at the Fatherhood Mentorship Graduation Ceremony.


What do the Fathers gain from the program?

Fathers who complete the 24/7 Dad actively spend time with their children.

Fathers gain an improvement in knowledge, attitudes and skills about parenting 

Fathers achieve one or more goals set on their case plan.

Funded by The Jim Moran Foundation and The A.D. Henderson Foundation