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Forget Me Not

The Forget Me Not® program began in 1996 as a means of recognizing the babies of Broward County who had passed away before their 1st birthday. Sadly, more than 300 babies die in Broward County each year. It may be complications of birth/prematurity, SIDS/SUID, unsafe sleep environments, unforeseen accidents – the list is endless. Through Forget Me Not, HMHB of Broward is able to aid families during this tragic time in their lives and help them to recover.

All families, regardless of income, can contact Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Broward County or by calling (954) 765-0550, to receive emotional support through our private peer bereavement support and/or the Healing Your Heart support group.

Both opportunities for bereavement guidance are offered by trained specialists who understand the inexpressible and overwhelming sadness felt during a time of loss. One-on-one peer support is offered via telephone or in person to any mother or father who needs help in the weeks and months following the death of their baby.

Bereaved families are also encouraged to join the Healing Your Heart support groups on the first Monday  and the third Wednesday of each month to be in company of others who are feeling the pain and sadness as well. During such a tragic time, it’s good to know you’re not alone and HMHB of Broward is there to help.  You will be able to connect with us by clicking the links below.


Monday Group Meetings



Wednesday Group Meetings


Funded By: 

My Sister is a Butterfly.jpg


Aidan's Smiles was developed by Aidan, a 16-year-old philanthropist and author who has a heartfelt concern for children in need around the world. After his baby sister, Taylor, passed away in 2012 Aidan wrote his book, My Sister is a Butterfly, as a way to heal. He chose to publish it in order to to help other children who have experienced loss.


Aidan initiated all of his philanthropic efforts on his own. In late 2012, Aidan came to his parents and said that he wanted to sell his hand made jewelry so that he could give the profits to charities to help children in need, and to do so in his sister's name. Aidan decided on the name Aidan's Smiles because he wants to change the world one smile at a time, because as he says "Smiles change people."

A portion of the proceeds from Aidan's book will be donated to the "Forget Me Not Memorial Fund" to help grieving families with peer support counseling, pay for funeral costs, and a personalized tribute butterfly in our Virtual Butterfly Memorial Garden. 

If you would like to purchase Aidan's book to donate to a grieving family, please contact Linda Tran:

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