The Mahogany Project

The Mahogany Project is a health education program targeting high-risk pregnant women in the 33311, 33309, 33313, 33319, and 33068 zip codes. Mothers learn how to monitor and improve their health. They also learn how to care for and maintain the health of their baby through parenting education. Further, Mahogany clients will gain knowledge needed to obtain additional resources from community support.


How do I qualify for the program?

 You must live in the following zip codes: 33311, 33309, 33313, 33319, and 33068

 You must be 18-years-old or older and pregnant


What services are offered for pregnant women?

Prenatal Support

Childbirth Education

Breastfeeding Education

Nutrition Education

Support Groups

Individual Counseling

Medical Case Management

Assistance with locating a medical provider and attending medical appointments

Ongoing communication with medical providers to ensure continuity of care

 Assistance with Medicaid, TANF, Food Stamps, WIC, and Kid Care enrollment.

Funded by Broward County Florida

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