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Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap provides HIV/AIDS education, testing, public service announcements, and referral service to eligible minorities (African/Caribbean Americans, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and/or American Indians) between the ages of 11 and 65. The purpose of the program is to reduce racial and ethnic health inequalities pertaining to HIV/AIDS and maternal/infant mortality within Broward County.

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies of Broward County, Inc. was awarded Closing the Gap, a state funded grant designed to help reduce the health disparities that result in more cases of chronic long term illness among black and Latino communities throughout Florida and Broward County.

As of June 2015, in collaboration with a large number of local non-profits and community based organizations (including churches and schools), Closing the Gap educators worked with over 3,300 men, women and children in Broward. The program highlights the importance of HIV education, testing, and healthy nutrition.

Young Teacher

Funded by The Office of
Minority Health and Health Equity

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