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Nurturing Program For Parents

Welcome to the Nurturing Program for Prenatal Families. We are so glad you are committing yourself, your baby, and others to developing your nurturing parenting beliefs, skills, and practices. Without a doubt parenting your baby with nurturing at the prenatal time of development is one of the most important actions you can do to increase the chances that your baby will grow in body, mind, and character.

The philosophy of prenatal nurturing parenting embraces the belief that "it takes a village to raise a child." Since the nine months of prenatal development can have a large impact on the development of the baby, it is crucial that baby is provided with optimal conditions for prenatal development. That means, providing the mom and baby with support. Since mom and baby are inseparable during pregnancy, what happens to mom happens to the baby. When mom takes care of herself, she is taking care of her baby.

The mental health of the mom and the father of the baby play a crucial role in baby's development. Research has shown that when mom experiences high levels of stress during pregnancy, this can negatively impact the baby's brain development and function, as well as the baby's overall physical development. Healthy and nurturing relationships, on the other hand, have repeatedly shown to contribute to prenatal bonding among family members in positive ways.

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